Mobile App Development

Our expertise in custom mobile app development gives our clients the opportunity to pack incredible functionality into their customer’s palms. All the mobile apps we build deliver a world-class user experience, with intuitive functionality, gorgeous design and powerful features.

We help clients win in the mobile-first era

The ability to reach consumers at different touch points is essential in modern business. In the digital era, businesses and brands that haven’t embraced mobile technology are missing out.

Cross-device business strategies are ushering in a new era of customer engagement and retention that is increasingly being played out on mobile. Our experience across industries helps us not only to build mobile products, but to guide the go-to-market strategy that helps these products succeed.

Experts across platforms

Our clients need apps that perform across different mobile devices and operating systems. And our team delivers for them. We’re experts at using Swift and Objective-C to build native iOS apps and Java for native Android app development. Along with React Native for closs-platform and hybrid development

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UX-Led mobile development

Our mobile engineering expertise is complemented by the work of our UX designers. Mobile applications require a well-thought out user interface and experience to succeed. To ensure this, the Achetech experience design team works closely with our developers from the outset, using design thinking, quantitative and qualitative user-research to ship mobile applications that delight.

Hybrid mobile application development

Depending on the needs of our client, hybrid mobile apps can offer certain advantages over native apps. For clients looking to quickly build a platform that works across web and mobile, hybrid mobile apps reduce development time and cost. One codebase can be used for both iOS and Android apps, and standing code can be reused from web platforms.

Proven process

Prior to engaging in application development and design, we immerse ourselves with the client team and other stakeholders. The aim is to develop a full understanding of the business case, while documenting any requirement gaps and product pain points for future prioritization. This process improves product alignment with business goals and increases client satisfaction.

All new mobile development projects at Achetech include this proven process of discovery, ideation, prototyping and validation. Our unique approach includes aspects of the Google Ventures Design Sprint and Stanford’s methodology.

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