Digital Product Design

Our team designs beautiful software products that are intuitive, functional, and a joy to use.

The Product Design Process

The product design process at Tivix starts with taking stock of the business case; defining the problem and understanding the value proposition of the product. We look at all the stakeholders that will interact with the product, the various use cases and classify these into multiple user personas.

Once we have a deep understanding of the product, we begin design ideation by sketching out the visual design of the product, then turning these sketches into lo-fi wireframes.

From here we first build out static mockups, solicit client feedback, then create detailed clickable prototypes using tools like InVision and These clickable prototypes help us simulate how end users will actually use the product.

This entire process is performed in collaboration with our front end developers and client team; incorporating feedback and iterating at each stage. This helps mitigate design risk and keeping all parties aligned as we move forward to agile development sprints.

End-user focused

Our product design process is focused on the customer – those who will be using the software daily. We take a deep dive into their needs, attitudes and preferences. By building empathy we can see problems from the end-users perspective, enabling us to build software products that create real value for our clients and their customers.

User Research & Testing

Design at Tivix is an iterative process between our designers and lessons learned from the end-user. We conduct extensive research and put user testing at the core of our design process. This is a data led approach that puts numbers before notions, allowing us to deliver products that exceed client expectations.


We rapidly prototype wireframes, mockups and visuals to help inform the design process. Using clickable prototypes we comprehensively test the user experience, validating the user flow and interaction design before we start writing code. Learnings from these prototypes can then be built into the product from an early stage – resulting in better products.

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