Data warehouse consulting

We have 11+ years of experience building mission-critical databases that can handle large amounts of data in production environments. Our goal is to create well-structured data systems that power our client’s businesses. From database design and development to migration and maintenance, Tivix has the expertise to turn your data into a competitive advantage.

The importance of data

Data is the ultimate tool for decision making in modern business. In contemporary markets, good data can often be the differentiator between market leaders and their competitors. Tivix has experience building data warehouses that act as a single source of truth, with inputs from multiple systems. These warehouses form the core of enterprise business intelligence systems.

Technology focus

We focus on building databases with PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Cassandra. However, depending on client requirements we may leverage different technologies.

ETL experts

We’re expert at architecting ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) procedures for use in data warehousing. ETL allows us to take data from a variety of different sources and turn it into cleaned, functional data. This data can then be used for reporting and analysis, or to power ancillary business systems using API integrations.

Security focus

Security is a top priority. We build databases using a set of best-practices that ensure the protection of our client’s data. All of the databases we develop are fully encrypted, patch-updated, and subject to regular security audits to spot vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Our clients include:

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